The Transformative Power of Bond Building for Curly and Textured Hair

For women with curly, textured, or treated hair, maintaining beautiful locks can be a struggle, especially with the lack of affordable and effective treatments and products in the general market.

At Nutress, we believe all women should be able to express themselves through their hair. That means wearing your hair curly one day and straight the next, without fear that you’ll end up with broken, damaged hair.

Why does natural and relaxed hair seem to break more than straight hair?

Hair bonds break with everyday wear and tear, but for textured hair that goes through color treatments and relaxers, the damage is even more severe. Regardless of the cause, textured hair loses its original healthy state quickly. In part because textured hair has more bonds than straight hair, meaning there’s a higher likelihood of breakage.

How can I repair my hair?

Products containing protein are a popular ‘quick fix’ for women with curly, textured and treated hair, as it coats the hair and fills the holes in the shaft. While this does somewhat strengthen the hair, it’s not a permanent fix.

Luckily for women across the globe, we now have the revolutionary discovery of bond building! Bond building allows women to repair disulfide bonds that have been destroyed through damaging processes like hair coloring, relaxing, and flat ironing.

Are you suffering from breakage? Or dealing with weak strands? Bond building can strengthen your hair back to its original glory.

Welcome to NuFusion. It’s pure hair freedom.

We created a bond building kit for natural and textured hair because women with these types of hair were asking professionals to protect the integrity of their hair while enjoying the styles they love.

“NuFusion by Nutress uses the leading active bond building ingredient coupled with essential elements tailored specifically for curly and textured hair to bolster hydration and retain curl pattern. We are the only line that combines this active ingredient with a formula designed specifically for curly and textured hair,” says Nutress Hair CEO, Reggie Brown.

Want to learn how to use this miraculous new treatment by Nutress Hair?

We’re making it easy for you to expand your services as a stylist and offer new styling choices while maintaining the strength of your clients’ hair. It’s easy to see why bond building for hair is such a sensation. You, and your clients, will see a noticeable difference after just two treatments!

Your reputation as a stylist will grow as you enjoy a boost in revenue.

The time is now.

Experience bond building from a trusted brand, as we continue to guide you through your toughest hair challenges!